The City of Beatrice is in the process of updating their Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) with the assistance of JEO Consulting Group. A hazard mitigation plan is a community-guided document that identifies vulnerability to hazards and mitigation projects to reduce or eliminate this vulnerability. Having an approved and updated plan enables your community to be stronger and more resilient by:

  1. Reducing your community’s risk and impacts from disasters,
  2. Gaining eligibility for pre- and post-disaster mitigation grants, and
  3. Building partnerships within your community.

Residents, schools, fire departments, hospitals, and other jurisdictions within the community are invited to participate in this process by attending meetings and providing information for the plan.

Upcoming Meetings

The planning process will include two public open house meetings, hosted by the City and JEO staff, to provide an opportunity for residents and interested stakeholders to learn about the plan and provide feedback. These meetings are designed to be open forum for anyone to come and ask questions of JEO staff and subject matter experts.
Open House meeting details are listed below:

Open House #1
Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Beatrice Public Library
100 N 16th St
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Open House #2

Hazard Mitigation Plan

A copy of the past City of Beatrice Hazard Mitigation Plan may be downloaded below:

City of Beatrice Hazard Mitigation Plan – 2014

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