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From study to survey to design and construction, we do it all. Because our services are in-house, we are able to solve tough problems while saving you time.

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Disciplinary Specialists 

Each transportation discipline is represented on our team. Regardless of the complexity of your project, the experts you need are on your team. 

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Public Involvement

Stakeholder support is crucial to project success. That’s why we prioritize public engagement strategies throughout your project.

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Our Services
Street and Highways

Interstates and Interchanges


State Highways


Arterial Streets


Local Streets


County Roads




Asset Management

Support Services


Platting and Right-of-Way Design




Storm Sewer/Culvert Design


Erosion Control

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Hydraulic Surveys


Bridge Inspections






Load Capacity Evaluations

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Traffic Engineering

Operations and Safety


Capacity Analysis


Traffic Data Collection


Traffic Signal Warrants


Traffic Simulation


Traffic Signal Timing


Traffic Impacts Studies


Safety Studies/Road Safety Audits

Transportation Planning


Traffic Forecasts


Corridor Studies


Long Range Transportation Plans


Complete Streets


Multi-Modal Planning

Traffic Design


Traffic Signals




Traffic Control


Pavement Marking





Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Planning and Design


Traffic Signal and ITS Master Plans


Traffic Management Centers


CCTV Cameras


Dynamic Message Signs


Traffic Sensors


Other Field Devices

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Construction Administration


Construction Engineering


Construction Observation

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What Our Clients Say

I want to compliment JEO on a job well done on the Highway 133 project. Their professionalism and communication with myself and my staff was excellent. When the project encountered obstacles, they reacted quickly and resolved the issue.

Zach Nelson
NDOT and Papio-Missouri NRD

The trail turned out great and we've had nothing but positive comments on it. I would like to personally thank all the JEO staff that worked on this project. Every step of the process was handled professionally and with great attention to detail. It was a great experience for me and you all made the process seem almost effortless. 

Jason Christensen, Executive Director
Carroll County Conservation

JEO has been a great asset for bridge design here in Warren County. I would recommend them for any and all bridge projects.

David Carroll, County Engineer
Warren County, Iowa

We have worked with JEO on multiple engineering projects within the past few years. The projects have ranged from major sewer and road reconstruction associated with 129 to large scale viaduct design. I greatly appreciate JEO keeping me well informed of project status throughout the design and construction process. Their project documentations are very well-organized and makes for a smooth and efficient construction audit. I look forward to working with JEO on future projects and know they will provide excellent engineering and inspection services and would highly recommend them to any agency looking for consultant services.

Brian Catus, PE of District 3 Local Systems
Iowa DOT

JEO is meticulous about incorporating my concepts and ideas into the plans while following applicable and current design standards. They keep me well informed through all phases of the project and are there to address issues as they arise. I anticipate and am looking forward to working with the JEO team again in the future.

Mitch Rydl, PE Audubon County Engineer
Audubon County, Iowa

I am very glad JEO has been a part of our project process and on our team. JEO's team consists of many great professionals and is doing excellent work. I have enjoyed having JEO alongside me, and I hope to work with them on many other projects down the road.

Kyle Keller, Design-Build
Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT)

As the City of Sioux City continues to grow, and our infrastructure replacement needs continue, I look forward to working with JEO on future projects and know they will provide excellent engineering services. I would highly recommend JEO to any agency looking for engineering consultant services.

Brittany Anderson, PE
City of Sioux City
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