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What you envision, we deliver. The engineers at JEO engage clients in a way that brings the desired results to the project. We believe a constant flow of shared information supports open discussion, creative problem solving, and a clear focus on your primary objectives. This approach makes our engineers and clients both teachers and students.


How we work together is an essential component of our engineering process. We place a very high value on our respective roles in the process of meeting your objectives. This creates an accountability atmosphere that results in higher performance and greater efficiency in designing and managing the entire engineering process.

Many of the organizations and communities we assist are similar to the ones our employees live and work in. We can relate to your community’s needs and concerns as if it was happening in our own back yard. And quite often, it is.

We are committed to helping our clients in times of need. Whether that is assisting a client on site, attending a public meeting, or designing a multi-discipline, large-scale project, we’re there from start to finish.


You’ll see that our attention to detail and our endless efforts to communicate clearly and continuously empower you to explain your decisions to your stakeholders with confidence. When you work with JEO, you don’t have to be an engineer to explain an engineering project to your organization or community.

We actively pursue projects and roles in which we find a sense of fulfillment where we can share in the pride of successful results.

Water Infrastructure

In years past, water and wastewater departments had the responsibility of what appeared to be simply putting pipes underground while trying not to hit anything. Today, we prefer to call water and wastewater management, Water Infrastructure. When your organization envisions a water infrastructure project, it expects more than just burying pipe in the ground. The massive environmental considerations we face today require specialized skills, powerful technology, and extensive resources. Learn more…

Water Resources

Our mission statement in the Water Resources Department is “Be a full-service water resources provider to NRD’s as well as municipalities, and local, state, and federal agencies through working hard, having fun, and developing close personal relationships.” We believe that this makes our work worth doing. Keeping water safe from people and people safe from water is where it begins. Learn more…


It is very important to us that the transportation solution we create for you is a long-term, durable one. What makes JEO unique is that we’ve been around long enough to see how our work stands the test of time. There will always be new players coming and going in this industry but what makes JEO different is our understanding of meeting budgets and deadlines and one more thing. What we do best… regardless of budgets and deadlines we never lose sight of how the quality of our work will look and perform many years down the road. Learn more…


Our skilled electrical engineers are prepared to handle practically any municipal project. This experienced team is knowledgeable about the electrical design process and protective-device coordination. This experienced team can work with you on distribution, substations, and necessary system studies. Learn more…

Environmental Sciences

The constant changes and complexities of environmental sciences can be a treacherous swamp for first timers. On a daily basis, we deal with environmental impact issues and governmental regulations that you may only face on a rare occasion. Rest assured, our experienced team can guide you through this muddy process from start to finish. Learn more…

Land Development

What you envision, we help create. We’ve been helping our clients turn undeveloped land into usable, productive, beautiful assets for over 75 years. You can see examples of our ability to envision the future throughout the Midwest. The multitude of political, economic, and aesthetic challenges facing any developer may be daunting to some but to us it’s exciting! Learn more…

Recreation and Aquatic

The recreation and aquatic department has had the opportunity to work on a large variety of projects ranging from sports facilities to aquatic facilities. Our extensive experience in these areas has helped us develop a substantial knowledge base clients can tap into. JEO has the expertise and resources to help create the safe and enjoyable use of water on any scale. Learn more…