South Sioux City, NE - Natural Gas Electrical Generation Facility

Power and Electric

The Challenge: 
South Sioux City, Ne has a large industrial customer that cannot be without power for more than three hours during the summer season or during harsh weather conditions without incurring a large expense to relocate a vulnerable product. The industrial customer wanted to purchase backup generation, but requested that the city maintain and operate its local power plant. So, the city needed a natural gas electrical generation facility designed. 

The Solution: 
Our Electrical team was hired to design the ideal facility to meet South Sioux City’s needs. We recommended that two 2.5 MW generators with metal-clad switchgear and vacuum breakers be installed in a weather hardened concrete building. The building is designed for high wind conditions and to be energy efficient to reduce facility energy use. The facility has adequate natural gas in close proximity. The generation facility will utilize automatic and manual controls -- allowing the generators to be started and provide backup operations to the industrial customer.  

Project Benefits: 
South Sioux City now has a natural gas electrical generation facility that attends to their industrial customer’s concerns, as well as providing reliable and redundant power for the area. The thoughtful design accounts for safety, ease of use, and efficiency standards.