Building resilience through mitigation planning.
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We’ve helped over a hundred communities across the nation reduce their risk to hazards. Having the most qualified team on your side ensures that your plan is thorough and effective. 

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Community-Centric Planning Process

We hand-tailor each community’s planning process to meet their specific needs. Our approach is adaptable, informed by and developed with communities.

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Implementable Plans

Our plans are easy-to-use and designed so important information is immediately accessible. We include clear steps to enact impactful mitigation.

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Funding Services

Unlike other firms, we have in-house funding support for planning processes. Identifying funding resources helps your projects get done.

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Our Expertise

Hazard Mitigation Plans

Drought Management Plans

Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Continuity of Operations Plans 

Community Wildfire Protection Plans 

Benefit Cost Analysis

Community Rating System

Debris Management Plans

Floodplain Management

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Emergency Action Plans

Evacuation Route Mapping/Planning


Drought Tournaments

Wildfire Planning Tournaments

Evacuation Planning Exercises

Levee and Dam Failure Exercises

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What Our Clients Say

This is an exemplary plan. It is easy-to-read, thorough, and concise. It is clear that thoughtful discussions occurred throughout the planning process; a tremendous amount of information is synthesized and summarized, and the planning team’s care and attention to detail are evident throughout the plan. Jurisdictional profiles are well-constructed and exemplify the intent of mitigation plans to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities. The planning team should be proud of this effort.

Tri-Basin Hazard Mitigation Plan
Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Papio-Missouri NRD coordinated a multi-jurisdictional HMP to cover all communities within our boundary. JEO's Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Planning team worked diligently to connect with all communities to ensure that each of them had the necessary data and support to participate. JEO developed a training workshop to make sure that our communities understood the planning process and to gather community priorities prior to beginning the process. JEO went above and beyond the basic requirements of the project scope to accommodate communities and to make sure data was accurate and correct.

Lori Ann Laster, CFM, Stormwater Management Engineer
Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District
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Planning Documents
Current Plans

Cedar & Dixon Counties HMP
(In Progress)


Nemaha NRD HMP
(In Progress)


Lower Platte South NRD HMP
(In Progress)


Lower Elkhorn NRD HMP
(In Progress)

Lower Platte North NRD HMP
(In Progress)


Papio-Missouri River HMP
(In Progress)


Region 23 HMP
(In Progress)


Perkins, Chase, and Dundy County HMP
(In Progress)

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Approved Plans

City of Beatrice HMP
(Approved June 2019)


Tri-Basin HMP
(Approved May 2018)


Warren County Iowa HMP
(Approved August 2017)


Central Platte NRD HMP
(Approved August 2017)


Lower Loup NRD HMP
(Approved July 2017)


South Platte NRD HMP
(Approved July 2017)


North Platte NRD HMP
(Approved September 2016)

Upper Loup NRD HMP
(Approved October 2019)


Oglala Sioux Tribe HMP
(Approved September 2019)


Twin Platte NRD HMP
(Approved September 2016)


Marion County HMP
(Approved August 2016)


Quad Counties HMP
(Approved June 2016)

Upper Big Blue HMP
(Approved January 2020)


Lower Big Blue NRD and Little Blue NRD HMP
(Approved May 2016)


Region 24 HMP
(Approved October 2015)


York County HMP
(Approved August 2015)


Hamilton County HMP
(Approved July 2015)


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Recent Hazard Mitigation Projects
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Hazard Mitigation Insights

Our philosophy applied in the field.

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