Lincoln, NE - 14th and Old Cheney Intersection Improvement Project

Community Engagement

The Challenge: 
The intersection at 14th and Old Cheney in South Lincoln is one of the busiest in the city, and cannot comfortably or safely accommodate the traffic levels it sees. Growth has significantly increased traffic flows in the area, and more development is on its way. The City of Lincoln, residents, businesses, and commuters all knew that congestion would only increase if improvements weren’t made.  

The Solution: 
The City of Lincoln needed a holistic transportation solution for the intersection, designed to efficiently handle projected traffic growth. Following Nebraska’s first-ever intersection design competition, a team of multi-disciplinary consultants, led by Felsburg, Holt & Ullevg, were awarded a contract to design a new intersection capable of handling traffic through the year 2045. While the project process itself is important, robust community engagement was critical to the city and to the project’s success. Our Community Engagement team was tapped to develop a strategy to involve the public and prioritize their opinions. Through public meetings and open houses, our Community Engagement team championed community-informed design; a process that integrates community input into projects.  

Project Benefits: 
Stakeholders who reside, work, own property, worship, and play in the immediate project area have been directly involved in the design process. Our community-informed design strategy garners public support and unites people in service of a common goal. Thanks to this strategy, the intersection design balances city-identified project goals and community-identified priorities, striking a successful balance.  

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14th and old cheney roundabout rendering
14th and old cheney roundabout rendering
14th old cheney elevated roundabout rendering looking northeast