Lamoni, IA - Municipal Airport Runway 36 Extension


The Challenge: To safely accommodate the number and type of aircraft using their airfield, the City of Lamoni and the Lamoni Airport Commission needed to extend Runway 18/36 from 2,900 feet to an ultimate length of 4,000 feet. 

The Solution: Our Aviation team was hired for the project, and obtained essential topographic and geotechnical data, coordinated design elements with Lamoni and the FAA, and developed a set of construction plans and contract documents for the runway extension. However, the benefits of the physical runway extension couldn’t be fully realized without an airspace analysis conducted by the FAA. To comply with the FFA’s requirement, our Aviation team completed the engineering, surveying, aviation planning, and project management necessary to complete this process. 

Project Benefits: The runway extension and detailed airspace analysis enhanced the safety and efficiency of the Lamoni Municipal Airport for all aircraft using the airport. In addition, it allowed the safe use of the airfield by those aircraft that were previously unable to operate within the runway length constraints. The City of Lamoni also benefited from this extension through increased aviation activity resulting in increased aviation fuel sales, increased business operations (agricultural spraying and other aviation operations), and an overall boon to the local community.