Lamoni, IA - Municipal Airport Relocated Tee Hangar Project


The Challenge: 
Aircraft storage at the Lamoni Municipal Airport was getting tight. There wasn’t enough space for the aircraft they had, and certainly not enough space for any larger aircraft. However, the expenses associated with new facility construction would place an unreasonable burden upon the City of Lamoni. 

The Solution: 
At the same time, the Des Moines International Airport was planning to remove several tee hangars, and at least one hangar could sufficiently accommodate larger aircraft. If financial constraints could be offset, the project team wanted to relocate the hangar to the Lamoni Municipal Airport. Our Aviation team put together a financial plan using the Iowa DOT General Aviation Vertical Infrastructure program to fund a portion of the hangar removal, relocation, and reconstruction. We also developed a plan to utilize the Iowa DOT Airport Improvement Program to fund a portion of the tee hangar taxilanes and approaches.  

 However, the city still needed money to fund the local match requirements of these grants, so our team worked with the USDA Rural Development to provide a low-interest loan to cover these costs. 

Project Benefits:  
The hangar was completed and operational by the end of 2017. Since then, all of the tee hangar units have been rented, giving the city a revenue source to begin repayment of the USDA loan. New aircraft have established a home at the Lamoni Municipal Airport as the result of available, adequately sized, and safe storage facilities. This has resulted in increased operations at the airport and an increase in revenue generation for the surrounding community.