Edgar, NE - Drainage Improvements

Water Infrastructure

The Challenge: The City of Edgar experiences ponding in the 6th and F Street intersection and throughout its drainage path. The city is very flat, with less than one percent slope across the town, and with a mix of curb, gutter, and ditch drainageways throughout the project area. Many residents park or have driveways within the drainage way. City officials needed a solution to address the ponding.

The Solution: Our intern team assisted the city by designing a drainage plan that would enable stormwater to flow out of town, stop ponding, and allow residents to continue their current uses of the area. The team’s design achieved this by regrading many existing ditches, replacing an existing damaged culvert, adding a culvert under a driveway/parking area and adding a valley gutter on the east side of the 6th and F Street intersection.

Project Benefits: By implementing the team’s drainage plan, ponding in the 6th and F street intersection and throughout this drainage path will be greatly reduced as stormwater will have a clear drainage path. Residents will also be able to continue their current uses of the area without effecting the drainage of stormwater.