Cherokee, IA - Regional Airport Partial Parallel Taxiway Design


The Challenge: Aircraft using Runway 18/36 at the Cherokee County Regional Airport had been required to back-taxi to the terminal apron using the runway due to the airport’s lack of a parallel taxiway. Back-taxiing was causing serious safety concerns based on the increased potential for runway incursions. By using the runway for taxiing operations, the airports aviation capacity was reduced. 

The Solution: Through the Airport Capital Improvement Program process, the airport determined that they need to improve operational safety through the design and future construction of a parallel taxiway. Armed with an Airport Improvement Program grant, our Aviation team proceeded to obtain essential topographic and geotechnical data, coordinate design elements with the Authority and the FAA, and develop a set of construction plans and contract documents that will be used in the bidding and ultimate construction of the parallel taxiway. 

Project Benefits: The parallel taxiway greatly enhances the safety of the Cherokee County Regional Airport. By allowing arrival and departure operations on Runway 18/36 while simultaneously accommodating taxiing operations, the airport is enabled to meet all the needs of its aircraft and increase its aviation capacity.