Cherokee County, IA - Regional Airport Layout Plan Update


The Challenge: 
The Cherokee Aviation Authority is required by the FAA to keep their Airport Layout Plan (ALP) current, mandated by federal grant assurances and conditional to receiving FFA funding.  Obstruction removals, land acquisition, airport growth, and runway threshold relocation all triggered the need to complete an ALP Update at the Cherokee County Regional Airport.  

The Solution: 
Our Aviation team was hired to conduct an ALP update. The Cherokee County Authority obtained an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant to fund the ALP Update process. We collected essential data, conducted GIS surveys, and submitted to the FAA AGIS platform under the involvement, review, and approval of the Airport Authority and the FAA. The FAA granted conditional approval to the updated ALP on February 23, 2018. 

Project Benefits: 
The final planning document provides a foundation for the Authority going forward. It establishes short, intermediate, and long-range estimates of aviation activity within the airport’s service area, and identifies current issues and concerns of operational safety, environment, maintenance, and management of the airport.  By developing a schedule for implementation and development of capital improvements based on safety, preservation, standards, and expansion, the Authority’s future is secure.