Centerville, IA - Municipal Airport Layout Plan Update


The Challenge: To remain in compliance with federal grant assurances and eligible for FAA funding, the Centerville Airport Commission needed to update their Airport Layout Plan (ALP). Their airport growth, aircraft storage requirements, and need for a crosswind runway all triggered an ALP Update at the Centerville Municipal Airport. Our Aviation team was hired to complete the ALP Update process. 

The Solution: With an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant to fund the ALP Update process, our team obtained essential data, conducted GIS surveys, and made submittals to the FAA AGIS platform in collaboration with the Airport Commission and the FAA. The final ALP establishes short, intermediate, and long-range estimates of aviation activity within the airport’s service area, and identifies current issues and concerns as they relate to operational safety, environment, maintenance, and management of the airport. Additionally, the plan examines various opportunities that offer optimum scenarios for future airfield development.  

Project Benefits: By providing a graphical layout of the airport and of anticipated adjacent land uses, the Centerville Airport Commission has a clearer idea of future growth possibilities and constraints. Furthermore, the inclusion of a detailed schedule for implementation will help make the recommendations in the plan a reality.