Forget the Coffee

You can do more than getting coffee and running errands. Stretch your potential with a program built around a hands-on experience and real-life projects.

The Basics

You are discovering what you want to do; we want to help.
Here are the basics of our internship program.

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Real-World Experience

We believe that learning by doing—even if you make mistakes—is the best way to get experience serving as a contributing member of a team.

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Many-to-One Mentorship

Throughout your internship you will have the opportunity to work with multiple mentors from various fields to help you discover your interests and guide you through challenges.

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Intern Team Projects

In addition to assisting on client projects, you will also work with a team of interns to develop a plan set on a real-life project.

Previous intern projects

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Having Fun

Amp up your skills in a comfortable, friendly environment that lets you focus on success—not on whether or not your tie matches your shirt.

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Giving Back

Our interns are encouraged to participate in JEO Foundation events, which are aimed at giving back to our communities.

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Join Our Network

Being part of JEO’s community of interns means you have access to resources and education you won’t find anywhere else.

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Life at JEO

As interns, it’s exciting to take on the responsibility of designing and coordinating a project from start to finish. This is my second intern project at JEO and with every project I feel more confident in my abilities to become an engineer.

Sarah Porath

Intern projects at JEO are meaningful because we alleviate real problems. My last intern project focused on a problem that affects people living near a busy intersection. For decades, people nearby complained to the city. When they found out that we were working on a solution, their excitement was immense. Working on the project felt like giving back to the community.

Tatiana Guerra-Lezcano

The transportation engineering focus of this intern project showed me a different side of civil engineering. It provided an opportunity for me to explore something new and helped refine my ambitions in this field.

Derek Hines

As a planning student, this interdisciplinary intern project helped me better understand traffic projects and the real-world problems that need to be solved when creating solutions that benefit whole communities."

Karl Dietrich
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