3 Reasons You’ll Need a Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys physically measure and locate a boundary line using permanent monuments, such as iron pipes or iron pins. To determine boundary lines, a boundary survey retraces or creates the physical boundary lines on the ground. It might surprise you to learn that you’ll likely need boundary survey at some point. Here are a few reasons why you might.

To sell a portion of your property

If you’re dividing property to transfer ownership, boundary surveys may be required by local county or municipal jurisdictions before you can sell. In instances where a boundary survey may not be required, they can be used to provide peace of mind to the prospective buyer by confirming property lines. We can prepare a survey plat and a legal description of the area which can be used in the deed to finalize that transaction.


For example: It’s important to determine acreage to get an accurate dollar amount for buying/selling, as well as for tax purposes. At $10,000 an acre, knowing if you have 79, 80, or 81 acres makes a big difference.

To start major home improvements

Before building permits are issued, some cities and villages require a boundary survey. Boundary surveys are also frequently required by lending institutions.


For example: If you’re building a privacy fence, or adding an addition to your house or business, you need to locate easements, building setbacks, and other local zoning regulations.

To know where your property is

Whether you’re curious where your property lies or encounter boundary disputes with neighbors, boundary surveys can address those questions.


For example: That fence dispute that’s been troubling you? Settle it with a boundary survey.

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