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Our people love what they do and our clients love how they do it. We hire people with technical ability and a whole lot of passion. Because when it comes to planning a community’s future, there’s a little bit of art in finding the balance between dreaming and doing. After over 75 years we think we’ve found that magical balance.

We see planning as the roadmap to your future. Whether it’s a comprehensive 20-year plan or a two-month focused study, we always make sure you have a clear and understandable roadmap. That roadmap becomes the long-term vision that leads to a more vibrant, enjoyable and economically viable community.

With a wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors we know where the speed bumps are. We recognize the importance of community and political engagement in the analysis and decision-making process necessary to formulate a plan that matches the values of your community. The planning process can be overwhelming for many and that’s why you can count on our experience and expertise to guide you through from start to finish.

It all Begins With People. People who:

  • Bring local relationships and contacts to the planning process
  • Listen carefully to all stakeholders
  • Facilitate critical discussion
  • Engage the community at all levels
  • Create citizen participation and support
  • Analyze the issues carefully
  • Explore all the options
  • Identify and assist with potential funding
  • Be there for implementation assistance and questions
  • Empower you to control a complicated and intimidating process
“We’ve discovered the secret to successful community planning… it’s not financial capital, it’s human capital.”

The unique JEO planning process includes:

  • Strategic planning for the predictable growth and prosperity of a community
  • Assisting clients to evaluate and manage changing priorities
  • Developing unified plans to solve short-term problems while building long-term value
  • Bringing everyone to the table for the highest good of all concerned
  • Utilize diverse public input tools and techniques
  • Establishing clearly defined and inspiring goals
  • Working a proven process to achieve those goals
  • Integrating related engineering, finance, and construction requirements into one plan
  • Developing realistic and achievable timetables and budgets
  • Creating milestones to track and measure progress
  • Building momentum necessary to control costs and maintain support
  • Detailed project management systems and oversight

Call JEO to learn how we can help make your planning process a little bit less overwhelming and a lot more efficient.


  • Comprehensive plans
  • Economic development and virtual site development
  • Recreational planning
  • Downtown master plans
  • Grant writing
  • GIS
  • Environmental constraints and opportunities analysis
  • Land use and community character inventory
  • Strategic planning
  • Housing studies
  • Vision implementation plans (strategic plan)
  • Facilitating community discussions
  • Zoning and subdivision ordinances
  • Design guidelines
  • Blight and substandard determination studies
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • All aspects of land-use planning
“When searching for a consultant to assist our community with a comprehensive plan update, we were looking for a firm that would provide a fresh perspective, provide contemporary development strategies, and inject energy into a thorough planning process. The staff at JEO surpassed our expectations, and the final product is a plan that clearly represents our position and a direction moving forward.”
– John Fagot Mayor