Water Resources

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Water Resources (WRED)

Whether you’re facing stormwater and drainage control, floodplain management, or land development issues, the most important thing you should know about JEO’s Water Resources Engineering Department is that we keep our promises. We have technology, tools and the best team you can find in water resources to address any issue you may be facing. But none of that really matters if you don’t get what you need, when you need it.

Whether it is reducing flood risk, stabilizing streambeds, watershed planning, or implementing water quality improvements, JEO keeps it commitments. On time. On budget. It is this commitment to quality work and long-term relationships that keeps our clients coming back to us year after year. In fact, to put it into real numbers, over 80 percent of our business comes from repeat clients.

“The most valuable thing we build is –
Long-term Relationships.”

As one of the largest water resources departments in Nebraska, our Water Resources Engineering Department creates solutions that…

  • Restore a healthy relationship between communities and their water resources
  • Reduce flood risk to properties and the public
  • Engage public input to develop and implement a project that the community can be proud of
  • Keep communities compliant with ever-changing local, state, and federal laws
  • Engage regulatory agencies in a way that results in effective communications and progress toward timely project completion
  • Can manage the most complex water issues
  • Manage the complete design and building process
  • Build long-term relationships based on quality work, trust, performance, and passion
“We create a healthy relationship between waterways and communities”

The JEO Water Resources Engineering Department provides a wide range of water-related services. Regardless of the size of the organization or the project, JEO can manage the entire project from start to finish. The following is a list of some of the projects we’ve completed throughout Nebraska, and Iowa.

Hydrology/Hydraulics Evaluation
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Drainage Studies
  • Floodplain Analysis and Mapping
  • Floodplain Management
  • Land Development Support
  • Stormwater Management
  • Bridge/Culvert Hydraulic Evaluation
Urban Design
  • Storm Sewer Network
  • Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Pumping Stations
Watershed Planning and Implementation
  • Watershed/Water Quality Planning (EPA 319 Program)
  • Integrated Management Planning
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • Dam Evaluation and Design
  • Dam Breach Analysis
  • Streambank Stability
  • Restoration and Habitat Improvement
  • Lake Rehabilitation
  • Water Quality Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • Feasibility and Evaluation Studies
  • Levee Design and Construction
  • Levee Rehabilitation/Modification
  • Levee Accreditation/Certification (FEMA)
  • Levee Condition Assessment and USACE Coordination (PL 84-99 Program)
  • Levee Drainage Structure Inspection and Rehabilitation
  • Levee Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
Environmental Sciences and Regulatory Coordination
  • USACE Nationwide 404 Permitting
  • USACE Individual Permitting
  • Wetland Delineation/Mitigation/Monitoring
  • USFWS Coordination

“Nebraska’s water resources are finite and must be wisely managed to ensure their continued availability for beneficial use.”

– State Legislator

Water planning is a long-term process. When you need the best guidance and the best resources to manage your water challenges and opportunities, contact JEO.