Water Infrastructure

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Water Infrastructure

At the foundation of a successful community is an infrastructure that keeps people safe, makes life enjoyable and allows people and business to thrive. The Water Infrastructure Group at JEO is a key component of this critical infrastructure in communities throughout Nebraska and the Midwest.

For over 75 years our expertise in community water systems, wastewater systems, stormwater systems, aquatic facilities, and park facilities can be seen in both the long-standing systems in use today and the long-standing relationships with municipalities responsible for those systems.

Whether it’s behind the scenes solving complex wastewater system issues or developing aesthetically pleasing aquatic centers for community parks and rec departments, JEO has built its reputation on an ideal blend of engaging design knowhow and trust-based, long-term relationships.

“A well-designed wastewater system helps communities attract desired industries, supports business growth and makes a community an attractive place to live.”

Healthy People, Healthy Communities

We recognize that our primary responsibility is to protect human health. But we also recognize the importance of community health. When we design a municipal’s water or wastewater systems we’re designing a community’s future. Although these systems go virtually unnoticed by the people who benefit from them when it’s working fine, well-designed systems help communities attract desired industries, support business growth and makes a community an attractive place to live.

Long-Term Client Satisfaction, Not Project Awards is Our Ultimate Goal

There are no water, wastewater, or aquatic systems that are too small or too big for JEO. Our greatest success is not driven by prestigious awards or the next greatest project, but rather, by the success of those we server. Unlike some engineering firms, we don’t pack up and go home at the end of a project because we are already home. We’ve been assisting Nebraska and Midwest municipalities envision, design, and maintain these systems for over seven decades.

When a project is done, we’re not done. The post-implementation process insures that the system works and performs at the level of expectations created in the design phase. Need proof? We have clients that have been with us for over 50 years. They continue to work with us, decade after decade.

Envision Your Community – 50 Years From Now

Who even says that any more? At JEO we’re always looking out for the best interest of our clients. Our success is measured by our client’s success and satisfaction. A good example of this is the community of Aurora, Nebraska. Their partnership with JEO has resulted in decades of successful projects that have established a robust infrastructure and vibrant community that has attracted industry, business, and people to this thriving rural Midwest town.

They are the model of what a community can become when it’s willing to trust in a relationship with the right engineering firm. It’s this trust that allows a community to envision a better future.

“Ultimately, our job is to make the lives

of the communities we serve better.”

Making Lives Better

We don’t look at the opportunity to serve you as just a project. Rather we believe our service can be a continuation of a mutually beneficial relationship focused on building successful communities. Ultimately, our job is to make the lives of the communities we serve better. We do this by tackling tough issues, solving complex problems, and building reliable and efficient systems for next forty to fifty years.

People and Technology

You’ll likely notice that on our website we spend more time talking about the importance of people than we do bragging about our skills or our technology. Without a commitment to long-term relationships skills and technology become less important. Two examples of long-term successful relationships include:

Project Examples:

Wayne, Nebraska: The community had some significant wastewater treatment challenges. They wanted a “green” system with cutting-edge technology, that was efficient and of course, they wanted it to be cost effective. JEO worked with the city to implement a new technology design to dramatically reduce the sludge production of the treatment process. What JEO created for them was a unique solution that met their unique requirements for safe water for decades to come.

Bellwood, Nebraska: The community had challenges with nitrates, uranium, and arsenic in their water supply. JEO worked with the community through various alternatives, ultimately solving the problem by eliminating a well constructing a new well and designing a cost efficient water treatment facility on a very tight budget. Through JEO’s Funding Department Bellwood received grant funding for approximately half of the project cost. Although the project is not winning awards for being the sexiest, it was the right implementation for them. The community ended up with a cost efficient system that will supply drinking water for the next forty years.

“Bottom line? JEO handles the permitting, funding, design, and manages the building of a cost-effective and efficient water-treatment infrastructure.”

Funding Municipal Water Systems

We have the experience and resources to assist you in funding major projects. We can help to smooth out those regulatory, governmental, and financial speed bumps you can run into when designing and building infrastructure systems. We have a funding department dedicated to assisting our clients with funding challenges and opportunities.

Water Infrastructure Services Available:

Water Systems
  • Wells and Surface Water Supply Sources
  • Distribution Mains
  • Booster Station Facilities
  • Storage Facilities
  • Treatment Facilities
Wastewater Systems
  • Sewer Collection Mains
  • Lift Stations
  • Mechanical Treatment Facilities
  • Lagoons
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Disinfection Systems
Stormwater Systems
  • Pumping Facilities
  • Screening
Aquatic Facilities
  • Aquatic Centers
  • Pools – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Lazy Rivers
  • Spray Features
  • Slides
  • Splash Pads
Park Facilities
  • Baseball, Softball, and Soccer ball fields
  • Shooting ranges
  • Courts – tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Master Plans
We take great pride in walking hand-in-hand with you through the entire issue solution process:
  • Problem identification
  • Alternative solution identification
  • Selection of best solution
  • Identification of funding mechanism
  • Design of improvement
  • Procurement of a contractor
  • Implementation assistance and inspection during construction
  • Post follow-up to ensure a successful implementation