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We love working with you, and understanding your needs is extremely important to us. One goal of the JEO Electrical Department is to never leave you questioning your project process or how your project is being handled. Communication between our clients and electrical engineers is not something we have to force because we truly care about each and every client and want what is best for them and their communities.

“We take the time to really listen to our clients so that we can put our knowledge to use in helping you create efficient solutions that will benefit your entire community.”

The JEO Electrical Department consists of highly skilled electrical engineers very knowledgeable in software such as Arc Flash and in protective device coordination. We foster high expertise for our clients’ benefit so we are able to communicate and share the information we have with you in a way that allows you to understand your options and make the best decision to fulfill your goals. We also enjoy communicating with and helping other JEO departments when they have questions in the electrical area so that they can focus on other aspects of projects while we put our knowledge to use in helping them. This cooperation benefits clients and results in satisfied communities and successful projects.


Full List of Services:

High Voltage
  • Distribution System Planning
  • Generation/Power Plant
  • Sub-Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Substations
  • General Resource Planning
  • Arc Flash Protection
Low Voltage
  • Utility/Commercial Facilities
  • Sports Field Lighting
  • Lighting
  • Buildings
  • Motor Controls
  • Emergency Generators
  • Fire Alarm
  • Nurse Call
  • Radio and SCADA Systems
  • Electrical Cost of Service/Rate
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Arc Flash
  • Power Quality