Community Engagement

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JEO has established the most advanced community engagement practices in the region to support the project and policy needs of our clients.


A key component for any community development effort, civil engineering, or environmental project is public consensus and support for the initiative. To achieve this, JEO uses a community-informed solutions approach, which incorporates the full spectrum of public participation techniques, conflict management practices, and the science of risk communication.

With JEO’s community-informed solution process, you will never be left to defend your project decisions.

Projects tend to lose public support when key stakeholders affected by an initiative perceive they are being left out of the process in reaching a solution for the planned action—but JEO understands how to identify, engage, and mobilize key stakeholders, target constituents, and communities. We involve them early, seek to understand their values, and collect input that can be used to develop a community-informed solution.

JEO believes that the public should be involved in the projects and decisions that affect them.

Through thoughtfully planned stakeholder engagement and properly crafted public information materials, we can help our clients:

  • Enhance public understanding of the need for a project
  • Foster the acceptance of innovative approaches and technologies
  • Involve the public in a decision-making process
  • Demonstrate transparency and credibility
  • Minimize, if not prevent, the potential for controversy
  • Reach community-informed and community-supported solutions


JEO’s community engagement professionals are trained and committed practitioners in the best management practices of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).  In fact, our team is led by the first IAP2 Master Certified Public Participation Professional in North America.

Proper Representations Matter – What is IAP2 certification?

Many public involvement specialists loosely claim to be IAP2 certified public participation professionals. This misrepresentation is likely caused by people attending IAP2 training courses and receiving a certificate of attendance, or by using IAP2 branded materials in their proposals. However, the IAP2 certification program is a rigorous peer review of experience, proven demonstration for delivery of products, tactics and successful outcomes, and a live oral exam before a certification board. Only a handful of individuals, including JEO’s Steve Wolf, have pursued and achieved IAP2 certification.

We encourage our clients and prospective customers to verify our credentials and those of our competitors. We are proud of our commitment to IAP2, and would be happy to verify that JEO’s entire community engagement staff is, at minimum, trained in the IAP2 foundations courses of planning and techniques for effective public participation. For more information about IAP2 certification, visit:

Public Involvement & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Plans and Strategy
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • One-on-One Stakeholder Engagement
  • Online and Social Media Engagement
  • News Media Relations and Public Notifications
  • NEPA and Other Regulatory Compliance
  • Public Forums
    • Open House Public Meetings
    • Traditional Town Hall Meetings
    • Advisory Groups
    • Project Site Tours


  • Planning Charrettes
  • Internal Project Strategy Sessions
  • Multi-party Stakeholder Forums
    • Vision Groups
    • Working Groups
    • Boards and Committees
    • Focus Groups
    • Public Meetings

Advocacy & Campaigns

  • Project and Policy Needs
  • Policy and Stakeholder Compliance
  • Funding, Bonds, and Policy Ballot Measures
  • Client Policy Development


  • Risk Communication
  • Community and Media Relations
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation

For more information about JEO’s community engagement services, click here.