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For most people, designing and constructing public use or private facilities; whether an office space, community building, warehouse or any other significant structure, is a once-in-a lifetime experience. No matter what your level of experience or skill in architectural design and building construction, we help you envision what you want. We then take that vision from concept to construction in the most innovative, timely and cost-effective manner possible and make your visions a reality.

The Context of Innovation

You landed on our website for a reason. You’re doing your homework. We think that’s great. In fact, one of the things JEO is well known for is we firmly believe that an educated client is a happy client. We empower our clients with the knowledge needed to make the best decisions and end up with the best possible building.

We educate our clients every step of the way. Why? Because after over 75 years in business we’ve found that people don’t like costly surprises and they appreciate understanding how the design and construction process works. We love innovative design but we keep that innovation within the context of your goals, your budgets and your timetables.

“JEO Delivers innovative Architectural Designs Through Cost-Conscious Decisions.”
The Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient to our success is, in a word… “relationships”. Our business is built on relationships and our relationships are built on trust. We earn that trust by taking the time to educate our clients so that their goals are achieved. Our passion for success drives us and ultimately leads to our client’s success. Then, the cycle begins again.

The Big and Small of it

We love small and medium-sized projects just as much as the big ones. No matter what size it is, we give your architectural project the attention it deserves. From western Nebraska to eastern Iowa and throughout the entire Midwest, our laser-like focus on providing innovative architectural design while building trusting relationships has served us well for over three quarters of a century.

Our ultimate goal is help you create an environment built for the health, safety, welfare and enjoyment of the people that live, work, and play there. To do that, we fully engage you in the design process to understand your needs and also gain your thoughts, ideas and requirements in a way that balances the practical, functional and cultural aspects of your project.

The Five-Step Process

We employ a five-step process beginning with your programmatic needs and work alongside you through the entire process to ensure what’s designed and detailed is what’s being built. This level of professional service is there to protect you through the entire process.

The Five Steps or Project Phases Include:
  1. Schematic Design
  2. Design Development
  3. Construction Documents Development
  4. Project Bidding and Contract Negotiation
  5. Construction Administration
Additional Services we Can Provide or Coordinate Include:
  • Concept Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Programming
  • Master Planning
  • Base Planning
  • Site Evaluations
  • Code Compliance Reviews
  • Life-Cycle Studies
  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Studies
  • ADA Compliance Reviews
Types of Architecture Design Available:
  • Public/Municipal
  • City, County, State & Federal Facilities
  • Utility Office
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Libraries
  • Fire Stations
  • Auditoriums
  • Community Buildings
  • Public Housing
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Military Facilities
  • Vehicle Storage Facilities
Private Sector
  • Offices
  • Financial
  • Religious
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Handling Systems
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Educational
  • Health Care
  • Criminal Justice Facilities
  • Facilities for the Disabled
  • Detention
Start to Finish

Working with JEO’s Architecture department gives you ample resources beyond great design. With a full range of engineering, surveying, planning, development and funding services to back you up, JEO’s Architecture department is your connection to a full range of high quality professional services for any building design project.