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Earth Day at JEO


It’s Earth Day! Time to bust out the cardboard party hats (the ones made from 100% recycled materials, of course). Here are some of the things we do here at JEO to give a little back to Mother Earth.

Gardening with Coffee Grounds


We drink a borderline excessive amount of coffee. Thankfully, we learned that used coffee […]

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How Will CDBG Changes Affect Your Application?

If your community is seeking funds through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, there are a few changes you should be aware of for the 2017 cycle. In March, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) hosted in-person and virtual workshop to highlight and discuss the updated guidelines, which include significant changes to the […]

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JEO Helps Secure $15m of Funding in 2016


JEO is proud to serve our clients, and in 2016, we helped them secure more than $15 million in grants, loans, and private donations to make their projects a reality.

Along with our clients, we eagerly await the economic, environmental, and social growth that Nebraska will see because of these projects, and look forward to highlighting […]

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Communication is the Key to Effective Watershed Planning


This year’s Iowa Water Conference, Watershed Management: Partnerships for Progress, featured several distinguished presenters, including JEO’s own Natural Resources Specialist, Adam Rupe.

In his presentation, Watershed Planning to Achieve Multi-Disciplinary Goals: The Nebraska Approach, Rupe highlighted the ways Nebraska is raising the bar when it comes to its approach for watershed planning. Rupe explained that, instead […]

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Happy Pi Day!




Mmm, Pi. Sweet, delicious, mathematical Pi.

Just like Pi, our love and appreciation for the digits are infinite. But unlike Pi, it is not irrational.

Here at JEO, we hold Pi in high regard (well, all of mathematics, really). Without the marvel that is math, our jobs would be impossible. Math enables us to solve community issues […]

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Going for the Grant

Going for the Grant:
Client Projects Move Forward Thanks to Federal & State Funding


Thanks to generous support from federal and state funding agencies, several of our clients’ communities will see their diverse and much-anticipated projects move forward in 2017. JEO is honored to have assisted the following awardees with their recent grant applications, and, along with […]

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