Where Do I Begin?

Beginning my senior year of high school, I knew my plate was already full. Food was falling off the side and landing on the floor. However, my large involvement in extracurricular activities makes me who I am: Kristin Callan, a driven and motivated girl with a busy schedule and a large planner. I am always looking for new things to begin or participate in. When the opportunity arose for a senior internship, I was quick to get more information. My school, Wahoo High School, was testing out a new program, called the Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) Program, which offers two internships to eligible seniors that attend WHS. 

One of these internships was primarily business focused, and it was clear that this was the one for me. Business has always interested me, and this internship would give me an opportunity to explore the different components of a given company. I was anxious to decide if this was the field I truly wanted to work in. But before I could think about what I would learn, I had to solidify the position. I spent hours working on my application to JEO, highlighting all the reasons I was the appropriate candidate. Many of my classmates were competing for this wonderful opportunity, and I was racing them to the finish line. My interview came and went, which was a flurry of anxiety and questions. Somewhere along the way, they told me I received the internship. Following that, an entire new batch of anxiety and questions arose.

Welcome Aboard!

On my first day of the internship I arrived a punctual ten minutes early, nametag in hand, and waited for a task. This day consisted of donuts, and meeting the office (where I learned too many names for 8 a.m. on a Tuesday). I was to explore the different departments of the company: HR, IT, accounting, community engagement, and more. The department that became my little home, however, was marketing.

Where Are the Donuts?

I am so grateful to JEO for centering my internship on the things that interest me. Marketing has always interested me, and it is something I project myself to major in.  I was eager‒ and still am eager‒  to discover more about the components of the department. Every Thursday I meet with members of the marketing team, and I learn something new every week. So far, I have learned how to use Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, things that were entirely foreign to me prior to this internship. It seems I am constantly acquiring new skills and absorbing ideas, skills that will propel me to be successful in my future endeavors and careers. Learning what makes something appealing to the public, and how to market that adequately is one of the main things I learned with this division.

In addition to marketing, I have learned a plethora about the other departments within JEO. I have learned how to file an expense report, how to find corporate discounts through businesses in Nebraska, and how community involvement can make such a large difference in JEO’s projects.  I am very appreciative to the separate departments for teaching so much about the “JEO Way,” and how to explore the “why” and “how” rather than the “what.” Most importantly, however, I have found the best places to find donuts.

Where Do I Go From Here?

It is very difficult to believe I am almost done with this internship! When we reach Christmas break, I will be excited for the holidays, but sad that my internship with JEO will come to a close. When I began this adventure, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hoping to find out more about things I was unfamiliar with in business, and I can confidently say that this internship has done just that. The employees at JEO have taught me so much, and I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I am proud to say I was the guinea pig, testing out the objective of the CEO program. So far, I have had a blast with JEO, and I would like to thank them so much for taking me in every Tuesday and Thursday (dealing with me for four hours a week can be pretty difficult, I’m sure). I am going to miss all of the donuts!

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