Wahoo High School – Career Exploration Opportunities (CEOs) Program

Wahoo CEOs

One way to ensure a successful future is to make wise investments. Pay it forward now in hopes that the future will be even brighter.

The Career Exploration Opportunities (CEOs) program is one of those investments. The goal of this program is to assist Wahoo High School students with understanding the applicable links between school and work. Through the CEOs program, students get to explore and discover their passions, build their confidence, and hone their skills through a non-paid worksite experience in their career cluster of interest.

The CEOs partnership between education and business provides students with the opportunity to learn about the skill and educational requirements necessary for career tracks in which they are interested. Through this partnership, educators and employers like JEO Consulting Group can share the critical task of helping students bridge the gap between what they learn in the classroom and what they can practice throughout their careers.

We are excited to welcome Ryan Ickler who is working with Justin Insinger this summer. Kristin Callen will join us in the fall as our business intern, and Caleb Groff will be the spring business intern in 2018.

JEO is incredibly excited for this partnership with Wahoo High School. The investment in local talent, investment in the community, and investment in the industry’s future are no-brainers. Please help us welcome these bright minds as you see them around our offices.

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