Earth Day at JEO


It’s Earth Day! Time to bust out the cardboard party hats (the ones made from 100% recycled materials, of course). Here are some of the things we do here at JEO to give a little back to Mother Earth.


Gardening with Coffee Grounds



We drink a borderline excessive amount of coffee. Thankfully, we learned that used coffee grounds make excellent compost material and fertilizer. JEO’s Lincoln office started collecting its used coffee grounds in April 2016, and interested employees began taking turns bringing the coffee grounds home. So not only are our gardens healthy, but we’re also diverting a significant amount of our compostable waste from the garbage.


Reusable Utensils



Speaking of keeping unnecessary garbage out of our landfills, one of the simplest ways we manage our waste is by providing reusable mugs, utensils, and other kitchenware. Yes, being environmentally friendly is that easy! 

Here is an office case study done by the City of Portland to help you get started!


Cloth Towel Roll System



In some of our offices, we use cloth towel rolls, which reduce our contribution to paper towel waste, conserves energy compared to air dryers, and actually helps keep us healthier and more hygienic.


Biking to Work



Spring is here, and many JEO team members will make their daily commutes by hopping on their bikes. Want to try it out? Bike to Work Week is May 15-19, 2017!


Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens



Some of our employees have taken advantage of Lincoln’s Sustainable Landscapes Cost-Share Program to create more environmentally friendly yards and gardens, improve water quality, reduce runoff, and facilitate infiltration. Eligible under the program are rain barrels and rain gardens, both of which prevent excess water from leaving a property and going down storm drains.


Office Recycling



For nearly every garbage can found in our offices, there is also a recycle bin for paper, cardboard, plastics, and other recyclable materials. By making it just as easy to recycle as it is to throw something away, our recycling participation has increased dramatically.


Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Combine all the small efforts you make on a daily basis, and pretty soon you’ve made a positive impact on our world!

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