Happy Pi Day!





Mmm, Pi. Sweet, delicious, mathematical Pi.

Just like Pi, our love and appreciation for the digits are infinite. But unlike Pi, it is not irrational.

Here at JEO, we hold Pi in high regard (well, all of mathematics, really). Without the marvel that is math, our jobs would be impossible. Math enables us to solve community issues that result in countless wonders that improve and enrich lives every day.

We owe a lot to mathematics. And that is what Pi Day is all about—a celebration of math and all things 3.14. See, we celebrate on March 14 because it is 3/14, like 3.14. Get it?

How exactly does one celebrate a day honoring the never-ending number that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter? With pie, of course! You know, because “Pi” and “pie” are homonyms, and since no celebration is complete without a confectionary treat, pie is the only logical choice for a celebratory Pi Day treat

Today, swing by your café of choice for a slice of mathematical appreciation in pasty form. Or, if you are feeling extra festive, bake up your own. If you’re really in the spirit, you can find a Pi Pie Pan like this one!

Want more Pi? Check out www.piday.org.

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