Communication is the Key to Effective Watershed Planning



This year’s Iowa Water Conference, Watershed Management: Partnerships for Progress, featured several distinguished presenters, including JEO’s own Natural Resources Specialist, Adam Rupe.

In his presentation, Watershed Planning to Achieve Multi-Disciplinary Goals: The Nebraska Approach, Rupe highlighted the ways Nebraska is raising the bar when it comes to its approach for watershed planning. Rupe explained that, instead of tackling watershed issues on a project-by-project basis, Nebraska aims to use a more holistic method that involves communication among stakeholders, community members, agencies, and multiple funding sources all working together to accomplish multi-disciplinary goals in an environmentally focused manner.

Rupe_IA Water Conf 2017

According the Rupe, creating partnerships generates a more systematic approach to watershed planning, and makes it easier to define critical environmental goals and mark out a roadmap to achieve those goals. Throughout the presentation, conference attendees learned that enhanced watershed planning techniques can be exercised to address issues like flooding, water quantity and quality concerns, irrigation needs, groundwater resources, stream degradation, and the associated environmental impacts of these topics.

The 2017 Iowa Water Conference took place 3/22 – 3/23 at Iowa State University in Ames, IA.

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