JEO Holiday Party Turns Out to be FINtastic!

zoo pics

JEO employees, family, and friends partied with the penguins and mingled with the sharks at the annual holiday party held January 21, 2017. The Henry Doorly Zoo’s aquarium was a FINtastic venue to celebrate the company’s successes of 2016.

Employees and their guests made the journey across Iowa and Nebraska to spend the evening under the sea. Everyone enjoyed visiting with each other and catching up on personal happenings, as well as greeting the many new employees and their guests. The food highlight was the fork-tender prime rib sandwich, and the libations flowed throughout the aquarium.

Later in the evening, everyone gathered to recognize employees who celebrated landmark service anniversaries, which went up to 25 years! What a great way to acknowledge the synergy that comes from great people working for a great company.

Then, the four employees of the quarter were recognized, with their names randomly shuffled to draw a name for the JEO Employee of the Year Award. Out of the four employees who were recognized, JEO would like to congratulate Matt Fouts on receiving this award. We hope you and your wife enjoy your 4-day, 3-night vacation!

To wrap up the evening, everyone received special JEO paddles to play the traditional Terry O’Brien quarter game to win various prizes. The paddles were representative of quarters, where the JEO = tails and Terry O’Brien’s picture = heads. The paddles ensured no one could cheat, not that we would have any cheaters. Everyone was held accountable and had a fun time.

As everyone comes back up for air, we are appreciative of a night out to spend time with coworkers and family in a spectacular venue. Many people have commented that it was one of the best JEO parties they have been to. A special thank you to Cindy Mainquist, Leah Kottwitz, and Blake Birkel for planning a spectacular evening. It was FINtastic!

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