Going, Going, Gone…JEO’s Holiday Party was a Grand Slam!

JEO employees, family, and friends welcomed the new year on January 23rd, 2016 under the lights of TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha. With spectacular views of the field from the 3rd floor Club Lounge, employees hailing from all ten JEO offices enjoyed good company, delicious appetizers, and well-mixed libations. Employees and their guests got the chance to mingle and reflect on the conclusion of one year and the beginning of a new one, while occasionally sneaking away to take a guided tour of the ball park.

Later in the evening, well-deserved recognition was given to the faithful employees reaching milestone tenure marks in their careers. Seeing and appreciating the individuals who have reached these landmark anniversaries of service to JEO was a great reminder of why JEO is an incredible place to work. Taking the time to appreciate these employees also reemphasized the gravity JEO puts on people’s happiness, both clients and employees alike.

Distinguishing new stockholders was next on the agenda as JEO celebrated another great year. Following these remarks came the time to name the employee of the year. With four deserving candidates, one from each quarter, poised and ready to receive a trip of a lifetime, the names of each employee were randomly shuffled. Thanks to Steve Parr and luck of the draw, Jeff Henson was named the 2015 employee of the year. Enjoy your trip Jeff!

As everyone continued to exchange stories and appreciate time spent with the JEO family, Rob Brigham shared his own year in review. With tributes to great people, loved ones, a thriving company, and encouraging prospects for 2016, employees couldn’t have felt more proud of the company they work for.

It wouldn’t have been a JEO holiday party without Terry O’Brien’s quarter flip game. This game of chance, based completely on the honor code, gave party attendees the chance to win some fun prizes.

As the night wrapped up and employees savored the time spent with coworkers and family outside of the office, it was impossible not to be thankful for the stunning venue and the company family who filled it. All of this would not have been possible without Elli Havelka’s hard work and planning. If you enjoyed this year’s holiday party, please thank Elli for hitting a home run on this event!


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