FEMA approves 3 hazard mitigation plans

Congratulations to the Nemaha, Lower Platte South, and Upper Loup Natural Resources Districts!

On June 22, 2015, JEO received notification from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) stating that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved three of JEO’s recently completed hazard mitigation plans (HMP), pending documentation of jurisdictional adoption. The three plans are for the Nemaha NRD, Lower Platte South NRD, and the Upper Loup NRD. Each of the plans have been approved for a five year period, effective the date of adoption documentation.

An HMP is a plan for reducing or eliminating a community’s risk to natural and man-made hazards before the risks affects the community. HMPs are federally mandated for state and local governments, as well as a condition for receiving FEMA mitigation grant funding. Prior to a plan’s expiration, communities are required to review and update their respective plan to maintain funding eligibility.

Click on the plan covers below to see the final approved plan.

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