JEO’s Internship Program Grows

JEO recently increased the number of interns working throughout the company. Currently, there are 16 interns working in various departments in seven of JEO’s ten offices. Listed below are the interns and their departments organized by office.Intern List USE

On May 18, the Wahoo office hosted an intern orientation day, which included a workshop, lunch, and JEO project site visits. Jake Vasa led the day, after recently becoming JEO’s intern program coordinator.

The day began with introductions from JEO staff, including Rob Brigham, Eric Obert, Kristin Luedtke, Lucas Billesbach, Tyler Hevlin, and Lalit Jha. After introductions, the interns were broken into pairs and given time to get to know each other. They were asked to find out why they chose the engineering field, what they are expecting to learn from this summer, and just a little about themselves. After learning about one another, each intern was asked to introduce their partner to the whole group.

The interns then brainstormed together to come up with five questions they had for JEO staff, whether it was stories about staff’s experiences at JEO on a project, or simply times they’ve had working at JEO and what they like about it. The interns were also asked as a group to come up with a list of five must-have qualities of a potential employer and five nice-to-have qualities. JEO staff also participated in the activity, coming up with a list of five qualities they look for in a potential employee and five qualities they like to have.

The rest of the day included site visits to five different types of projects in the Wahoo area that JEO completed or is working on. The sites were the Wahoo Aquatic Center, wastewater treatment facility, well house, water tower, 23rd Street, and the future site of the Lake Wanahoo trail. After site visits, they made one final stop at Wahoo City Hall to talk with the city administrator, Melissa Harrell, about her experience working with JEO.

Overall, the long, event-filled day received positive feedback from both JEO staff and interns. It was valuable for the interns to become better acquainted with each other and JEO, and we look forward to seeing them grow and what they will accomplish this summer.

Olivia Vogelsberg said, “I went into the orientation expecting to flip through the employee handbook and go through basic stuff, but instead came out with much more. I learned more about the types of projects that JEO works on, but I feel like I learned a lot about what type of company JEO is.”

Another comment made by Allison Broekemeier on her experience was, “I would strongly recommend the intern orientation continue. After going through the orientation, I had much better insight on what the summer was going to look like and I felt 100% more confident about the intern project that I was going to be taking on.”

With all the current interns, JEO is still looking for outstanding people to join our internship program. To see the current list of job openings, click here.

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