Cody Forch named 2015 Q1 Employee of the Quarter

JEO has named Cody Forch Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2015.q1_graphic_small

Cody is a project engineer in the transportation department and has been with JEO for two years. and is driven by the success of JEO and those around him. He was selected as employee of the quarter because he is always going above and beyond. He routinely requests to work on the most challenging projects and performs well on them. He also always asks for more responsibility and succeeds when given the chance.

Cody does not work by the clock; he works by the amount of work left on projects. He strives to keep all clients happy, and he does not miss deadlines. Multiple times in the last six months, Cody completed large projects ahead of deadlines and then jumped in to help on other projects with looming deadlines.

Cody has also become a resource and mentor for those around him. Respected by all of his peers, Cody is seen as a resource whether it is using MicroStation or designing—this is quite a feat for someone of his age to have achieved already.

Overall, Cody is someone you can trust—you can throw anything at him and trust he will give it his all and perform at a high level.

JEO’s Employee of the Quarter award started in 2006, and is unique in that coworker nominations are the basis of the award. At the close of each quarter, JEO employees can nominate fellow coworkers who they believe deserve recognition. A selection committee then reviews the nominations and narrows the list of nominees to one name. This quarter, that name was Cody Forch.

Congratulations Cody! Thank you for your dedication and hard work at JEO!

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