Cheers to Another Great Year at JEO



JEO recently celebrated another great year with its annual JEO Holiday Party. Held Saturday, January 17, 2015, at the Apothecary building in downtown Lincoln, employees hailed from each of JEO’s 10 offices for a night of good food, fun, and friends. The night kicked off with a social hour, during which employees were able to share stories and laugh with coworkers and their significant others. The social hour was followed by dinner and various announcements.

During the post-dinner announcements, JEO recognized the 26 employees who joined JEO in 2014. Much deserved recognition was then given to JEO employees for milestone tenures with the company. From the new hires to the long-time employees, JEO thanked employee for a great year and for all they do to grow and move our company forward.

The employee of the year award was also announced at the party. Each quarter, JEO recognizes one employee who has exemplified the JEO way; this is a big accomplishment for all who receive the award. Then during the annual holiday party, the four employees of the quarter are recognized once more and one is picked, at random, to become employee of the year. Pat Dix, Tyler Doane, Nick Turner, and Travis Hazard were the 2014 employees of the quarter. Tyler Doane was named employee of the year and presented with a trip to one of a variety of locations.

IMarlinn addition to employee recognition and awards, JEO invited special guests to this year’s holiday party: Marlin and Nancy Seeman. Recently-retired mayor of Aurora, NE, Marlin has worked closely with JEO over the years and has developed a close relationship with many employees. After being recognized, Marlin shared some of his JEO experiences and what these experiences meant to him throughout the years. JEO appreciates everything Marlin has done for our firm, and will continue to have a relationship with him for years to come.

Marlin has, and will continue to be, important to JEO. We wish him the best in years to come.

In true JEO holiday party fashion, it was then time for JEO Founder Terry O’Brien’s famous quarter game. A long-lasting tradition, this game (based on pure luck) has been played for as long as JEO employees can remember and will be continued for years to come.

As the party wrapped up for another year, the 176 attendees continued to enjoy good company outside of the office. Both our employees and the firm look forward to where we are going in 2015, and we wish everyone a very happy new year.

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