Roger Protzman Received NWEA 5S Golden Shovel Award

Roger ProtzmanThe Nebraska Water Environment Association (NWEA), along with the Nebraska Section American Water Works Association (AWWA) and American Public Works Association (APWA), recently honored one of JEO’s own with a prestigious award. At the recent AWWA fall conference held in Kearney on November 5-7, Roger Protzman received the 5S Golden Shovel Award.

The Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5S) Golden Shovel Award is a prestigious honor that reflects members’ outstanding service to the success and progress of their associations. The award is voted on by current members of the NWEA Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers. This year the award was given to only one individual, Roger, compared to prior years where there have been multiple recipients.

“Roger’s induction into the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers recognizes significant achievement in the NWEA. His thoughtful approach and care for our industry and its professionals is a testament to his character and determination to provide a higher quality of life for NWEA members, along with the general public,” Marc Rosso, fellow peer at JEO, said.

NWEA was founded in 1952 as the state organization for the national Water Environment Federation, which is the primary wastewater-related organization in the county. Over the years, NWEA has drawn the involvement and dedication of some of the state’s best engineers, like Roger, who has been a member for 14 years and is currently serving his last term as president of NWEA.

Roger’s past experience within the NWEA organization has given him the opportunity to serve as treasurer and vice-president. While serving as president, Roger helped complete a memorandum of understanding with Florida Gateway College in order for members to take online courses for professional training, development, licensure, and potentially towards a degree. Roger’s also worked towards bettering communication for NWEA members to stay up-to-date on organization news.

“I’m glad to receive this award, and be reminded of the great services NWEA members provide. Having served on the board, I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with others I may have never had the chance to before, Roger said. “We are all professionals working to improve and protect our environment, and the 5S Golden Shovel Award reminds me of why I became involved in the organization and engineering industry.”

While Roger is honored to have received this award, JEO is proud Roger has been a part of the company for almost fifteen years. Roger’s department manager, Lucas Billesbach, is appreciative of his dedication: “Having Roger serve on the executive board of NWEA and complete his role as president of NWEA is a huge achievement for Roger. It takes a lot of personal time and dedication to assist in organizations, and JEO truly appreciates the time Roger has given to this cause. His involvement has furthered our industry, and exemplifies JEO’s culture of giving back, a culture established many years ago by past engineers, such as Ron Bottorff and Terry O’Brien, who both previously served within NWEA.”

Roger continues to be influential and dedicated in the engineering industry, and certainly deserves the honor of this recognition.

Congratulations Roger Protzman, 5S Golden Shovel Recipient!

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