Scott Cowles Celebrates 20 Years of Service at JEO

Scott-20-YearsWe would like to send a huge congratulation to Scott Cowles for reaching his 20 years of service with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. We asked our Wahoo-based transportation engineer a few questions reflecting back on some of the most important and memorable moments over the years he has spent with the firm. These are Scott’s thoughts:

Why did you decide to become an engineer?“It wasn’t really a conscientious decision. The classes that I excelled at, enjoyed, and came easy to me in high school led me to choose engineering as my career path.”

What has kept you at JEO for so long?

“JEO has treated me well, I get along with fellow employees, and I enjoy the atmosphere and people I work with. I’ve really had no reason or desire to look elsewhere.”

Does one project you’ve worked on stick out to you the most? “Projects that propose challenges seem to be those that stick out in my mind. Challenges don’t always have to be looked at as a negative; they have the opportunity to be a great learning experience. One such project had several unforeseen issues included ugly dirt issues that led to stabilizing dirt among other things. This challenge called for change orders, which clients don’t like to see. In the end, the client was happy because we communicated well, provided a viable solution, and involved the owner with the decision making process.”

What has changed the most since you started at JEO? “The faces at JEO have changed. I was employee number 52 when I started and now we have nearly tripled in size. With several different office locations, I sometimes don’t recognize people when we have employee gatherings.”

What advice do you have for someone just starting their career at JEO? “If you’re spinning your wheels on a task, ask questions and ask for help. JEO has always employed people who want to help and are willing to share their knowledge. Take advantage of that.”

JEO would like to thank Scott for his 20 years of service and wish him many more years of success and happiness. His commitment to JEO is astonishing.
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