Joseph Robine Joins JEO Consulting Group, Inc.

Joseph Robine FormalOMAHA, NEBRASKA – Joseph Robine recently joined JEO Consulting Group, Inc. as a full-time hazard mitigation planner. With experience in climatology, geographic information science (GIS), and emergency plan writing, Robine brings a dynamic perspective to JEO’s growing hazard mitigation planning department.

“Joe’s time spent with the National Drought Mitigation Center has proven beneficial for our hazard mitigation and emergency planning department,” said Jeff Hensen, a project manager and senior hazard mitigation planner. “He’s played an instrumental part in establishing best management practices that ultimately benefit our clients.”

As a hazard mitigation planner, Robine will work with communities to update hazard mitigation plans. His background in climate science will allow him to address questions on the vulnerability of communities to different natural hazards. Robine’s past experience working for the National Drought Mitigation Center will also be beneficial for future projects.

Robine started at JEO on April 7, 2014 as a planning intern, and continues to be excited about his new full-time position with the company. “I am excited to be a part of the hazard mitigation planning department because it allows me to utilize my background in climate science and I am able to help communities become better prepared for future hazards,” Robine said.

He is a member of American Meteorological Society and has volunteered previously at Weatherfest (formerly known as Severe Weather Symposium), the Nebraska Children’s Groundwater Festival, and as an instructor for a weather camp hosted by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL). Robine has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with an emphasis in applied climate science from UNL. He is also working toward a master’s degree in natural resources from the UNL, with an expected completion date of May 2015.



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