JEO Announces Changes to the Board of Directors

Ron - Steve - Ty2JEO is excited to announce the company’s board of directors has elected Steve Parr as chairman of the board and also appointed Tyler Hevlin to the board of directors. Ron Bottorff, the former chairman, will continue to assist the board as chairman emeritus.

Ron Bottorff has been on the board of directors since 1980 and has served as chairman of the board since 2007. However, Ron will be retiring at the end of this year and is incrementally resigning all of the duties he has performed over the last 41 years at JEO.

“Ron has been a tremendous mentor to many staff members at JEO, as well as engineers throughout the A/E industry. In fact, Ron will receive the prestigious ’Good Fellow of ACEC’ award during the American Council of Engineering Companies national conference in Hawaii this fall. I couldn’t be more proud of Ron and all of his accomplishments,” said Rob Brigham, CEO. “We will miss Ron; he has done an excellent job preparing us for his upcoming retirement.”

Steve Parr has been on JEO’s board of directors since 1997. Prior to being named chairman, he held the secretary position. Steve joined the JEO survey team in 1988, but quickly became a project manager for engineering projects. Over the years, Steve has been charged with several different roles, including department manager for three different departments, surveying, transportation, and planning. His current role at JEO is client development principal. Steve is a registered land surveyor and holds an A.A.S. degree in civil engineering.

“We are pleased to name Steve Parr as chairman of the board”

Rob Brigham commented, “Steve has been a valued board member and is well respected by everyone at JEO. His range of overall business experience will help guide the board and management team in their strategic decision making.”

Newly appointed board member Tyler Hevlin joined JEO’s team in 1998. Tyler has served as a project manager, environmental engineering department manager, and was recently promoted to the new position of quality assurance director. Tyler is a registered professional engineer and holds a B.S. in civil engineering.

Commenting upon the appointment of Tyler Hevlin, Steve Parr stated, “We are pleased that Tyler has joined the board of directors. He has over 16 years of engineering experience and has served in a number of leadership positions at JEO. Tyler will be an excellent board member.”

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