United by Passion

I am ecstatic! Two JEO employees left me speechless (and admittedly, a bit misty eyed) last week. One by a show of passion for our clients and the other by a show of passion for coworkers. The details don’t really matter much (although you are welcome to read the details of one of them here), but the feeling I got from these two people is indescribable. Even better, these kinds of actions and the overwhelming feeling that I get from them are commonplace at JEO.

So why do these seemingly small actions matter so much to JEO?

Like other firms in our industry, JEO provides engineering, architectural, surveying, and planning services. There is nothing too special about what we do.

Somewhat unique to JEO is how we provide those services. As noted in my last blog, we don’t have many rules at JEO. We allow everyone a lot of flexibility with the responsibility of using good judgment.

What I feel really separates JEO from the pack is why we do what we do.

“United by passion for the advancement of our clients and each other.” Twelve pretty simple words; but a powerful statement to live by.

The culture at JEO is special. It promotes family, curiosity, learning, selflessness, pride, integrity, trust, and a hard-to-describe combination of individualism and teamwork. Our culture is like an old family recipe. It’s a recipe that hasn’t been written down and doesn’t have exact measurements, but you sure know what it is when it’s put in front of you. It’s not for everyone; but for those of us that embrace it, it’s a recipe for success and happiness.

We have spent a lot of time on the development of our culture and we will continue to do so because I cannot imagine a better investment. Quite simply, it is my dream that every client and every employee has a positive and warm story to describe his or her experience with JEO.

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