Lincoln office to open new doors

new office doorsOver Labor Day weekend, JEO Consulting Group, Inc. will relocate the Lincoln branch to its new location at 2700 Fletcher Avenue.

The Lincoln office, currently located at 650 J Street, will be open until noon on Friday, August 29, 2014. Throughout the weekend, the office furniture and equipment will be moved and set up, allowing the office to open for regular business hours on Tuesday, September 2.

“With the physical move of the office occurring over the three-day weekend, the move should not affect clients or current projects,” said Lincoln branch manager, Dane Simonsen, PE. “We will close like normal on Friday, and open the next business day in a new location.”

JEO took possession of its new office building on July 1, 2014 and immediately began remodeling. Among other updates to the building, which the Nebraska Community Blood Bank previously occupied, the remodel consisted of converting some garage space to office space, reconstructing and adding offices, and adding two conference rooms to the lower level. The new office was also repainted and carpeted. JEO used Cheever Construction to complete the remodel.

JEO’s Chief Financial Officer Alissa Nutzman was initially concerned about the timeframe of the remodel. “We had two months to get this new office ready, which was a pretty tight timeframe, but a great contractor and plan kept us on track,” Nutzman said. “We still have a few small things to do, but they are cosmetic and don’t affect our ability to move.”

The new office space offers more space for JEO’s Lincoln branch, which has grown by 14 employees in the past year. With 45 employees, the branch needed to consolidate its three office suites on two floors in two connected buildings into one unified JEO office space.

“The new office building is much more ideal. Having all our Lincoln employees in the same office space will allow us to further develop and maintain a collaborative and vibrant office culture,” said JEO President Rob Brigham.

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