Garrett Johnson, EI, and Zach Trede accept full-time positions at JEO

Over the summer, two of JEO’s interns accepted offers to become professional staff.


Garrett Johnson FormalGarrett Johnson, EI, started at JEO in May 2013 as an intern in the environmental department. After he received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in May 2014, JEO offered Johnson a full-time professional staff position. A project engineer, Johnson will prepare municipal water and/or wastewater designs, including plans, specifications, and technical reports. He will also provide construction cost opinions and construction observation services.

During his time at JEO, Johnson has worked on preliminary engineering reports, completed studies for rural water districts, and completed several sanitary sewer surveys. He has also helped design water mains in Syracuse and Ord, NE.

“Being part of these designs so early on in my professional career has been great. I’ve learned a lot from being in the field and seeing the construction of our projects, but the people at JEO made the task of developing professionally so much easier. There are a lot of great people that work here,” Johnson said.

Johnson works out of JEO’s Omaha office and is enrolled in Nebraska as an engineer intern.


Zach Trede FormalZach Trede joined JEO in May 2011 as an intern in the survey department. A recipient of JEO’s 2009 college scholarship, Trede has a bachelor’s and master’s degree, both in architectural engineering with an emphasis in electrical power design, through the University of Nebraska. After completing his master’s degree in May 2014, Trede accepted a full-time professional staff position with JEO.

When Trede first started at JEO, he worked for the survey department and out of the Wahoo office. Trede enjoyed his time with the survey department, and he credits his knowledge of the construction process to this experience, but Trede was eager to do more engineering work, particularly electrical engineering.  The next summer, JEO offered Trede the opportunity to work out of the Omaha office as an intern in the electrical department. Trede readily accepted and spent the next summer (which turned into two years) interning for the electrical department, working mostly on low-voltage projects.

Since joining JEO as a full-time electrical engineer, Trede has been working on medium-voltage and distribution projects. He helped redesign the power distribution systems in Maywood, NE, and assisted with improvements to the power distribution systems in Afton, IA, and Rockport, MO. Trede also continues to do some low-voltage electrical designs for lift stations.

Trede works out of JEO’s Omaha office and is currently submitting his final academic transcripts to enroll in Nebraska as an engineer intern.

22 of our full-time employees
were once interns at JEO

With Johnson’s and Trede’s transition to full-time professional staff, 22 of JEO’s 157 current employees, including President Rob Brigham, are former JEO interns who turned professional staff.

Currently employing 17 interns, companywide, JEO takes great pride in its internship program. JEO’s internships offer flexible scheduling, to allow interns to keep school their first priority, and offers interns relevant, hands-on experience. As a multi-disciplinary engineering firm, JEO exposes interns to a variety of disciplines and helps mentor and guide interns through their architectural/engineering future.

Interns currently make up nearly 11% of JEO’s current staff, and we are still looking for a few more good interns. To see the current list of intern positions, click here.

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