3 Pass PE Exam

JEO is excited to recognize the efforts of Andrew Synhorst, Tim Adams, and Kevin Simons, who recently passed the professional engineer examination.

Becoming a registered engineer is a rigorous process. Applicants must pass the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam after demonstrating that they have graduated from an ABET/EAC accredited engineering program or met the NCEES engineering education standard. Then, they must document their experience for at least four years, to establish that they have met the experience requirements working under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer. After their work experience record has been approved by the State Board of Professional Engineers, they are required to pass the practice and principles exam for their PE license.

Andrew Synhorst began working at JEO in 2009 and has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Nebraska as well as a bachelor’s in physics from Nebraska Wesleyan University. At JEO, he has been involved in the design of mechanical wastewater treatment facilities, lagoon treatment facilities, wastewater collection system improvements, water distribution, water storage facilities, and water treatment projects. Andrew’s recent project experience includes the water distribution relocation for widening Highway 133 in Blair, NE; the rehabilitation of eight wastewater lift stations for the city of Omaha, NE public works; and a stormwater pumping station for the city of Ottumwa, IA.

Tim Adams joined JEO in 2008. He has a master’s degree in environmental engineering and bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Nebraska. At JEO, Tim has a wide range of experience in the study, design, and construction of municipal utilities including water and wastewater treatment facilities, water supply wells, water transmission and distribution mains, pump stations, lift stations, and sanitary sewer collection systems. He has been working extensively on projects in Lincoln, NE for the 2013-2014 construction observation program as well as the current water transmission main and storage tank improvement projects in Waverly, NE.

Kevin Simons began his career at JEO in 2001. He has a master’s degree in construction engineering and bachelor’s degree in engineering technology from the University of Nebraska as well as an associate’s degree in architectural engineering from Iowa Western Community College. Kevin’s 13 years of experience in the transportation field, include topographic surveying, CAD processing, project design, and construction phase services. He has extensive roadway design and construction observation experience with federally funded transportation projects. Kevin’s current projects include the Metropolitan Utilities District on-call construction services contract; 52nd and northwest radial construction engineering for the city of Omaha, NE; and Memphis bridge replacement for Saunders County, NE.

We commend Andrew, Tim, and Kevin for their commitment to excellence and congratulate them on their accomplishments.


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