Marvin Svoboda Celebrates 30 Years of Service at JEO

Marv Svoboda_30 YearsMarvin Svoboda has been with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. for 30 years. We asked the surveyor, who works out of the Wahoo office, to reflect on some of the most important and memorable moments over the years; these are his thoughts:

Why did you decide to become a surveyor? “Just out of high school, I worked for a dirt contractor and experienced the basics in surveying and land leveling. I enjoyed that work, but most importantly it allowed me the chance to work outdoors–so I went for it.”

What has kept you at JEO for so long?

“Working at JEO has allowed me to stay close to my home area of Schuyler, Nebraska. JEO has also treated me well over the years and it’s a great place to work.”

What was your first day at JEO like? “It was cold and snowy! And at 23 years old, I certainly didn’t have the proper dress attire with me. They didn’t teach that class in college, or I skipped that day. I’ve become much wiser over the years and am now prepared for the unpredictable Nebraska weather.”

What do you like most about JEO? “Working at JEO has allowed me to enjoy the outdoors. Lock me in an office, and it could be the end of me.”

What advice do you have for JEO interns?

“JEO has a lot of people with many years of experience. Listen and learn because the wealth of knowledge that you will draw from them will be priceless.”

JEO would like to thank Marv for his 30 years of service and wish him many more years of success and happiness. His leadership and commitment to JEO is extraordinary!

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