JEO’s Lincoln office is moving

LNK is moving-01At the end of the summer, JEO’s Lincoln office will be relocating from 650 J Street to 2700 Fletcher Avenue, which is currently occupied by the Nebraska Community Blood Bank.

Having added 11 employees to the Lincoln office in the past year, the office has outgrown its current office space. Moreover, the current office set up isn’t ideal for supporting JEO’s commitment to employees and culture.

“Having an office split between three office suites on two floors in two connected buildings simply isn’t conducive to creating and maintaining a positive and productive office culture,” said JEO President Rob Brigham.

JEO will take possession of its new office building on July 1, and will begin remodeling immediately so the office can physically move at the end of August.

As Lincoln’s current branch manager, Ron Bottorff, is retiring at the end of the year, Lincoln’s branch manager shoes looked empty, until Brigham named Bottorff’s successor: Dane Simonsen.

A professional engineer who specializes in drinking water and wastewater, Simonsen has been at JEO for 6 years. During this time, he has become a resource for many employees in the Lincoln office, particularly for young engineers and interns. To help develop stronger relationships and friendships throughout the Lincoln office, Simonsen has also organized several Friday afternoon social events.

While continuing with his current role on the environmental team, Simonsen will take on additional branch manager responsibilities. Brigham has specifically tasked Simonsen with further developing the culture of JEO.

“Moving more than 45 employees into our own office building is a huge opportunity for JEO. Dane exemplifies JEO’s culture and that makes him the perfect person to lead this charge. He will undoubtedly be able to help unite the Lincoln office,” Brigham said.

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