Celebrating 25 Years of Service at JEO

Roxie_25 YearsRoxie Barker has been bringing energy to the Nebraska City office since she started with JEO in 1989. As an administrative assistant for 25 years, she shared the following thoughts:

What made you decide to say ‘yes’ to JEO?

“The type of work JEO did intrigued me and I liked the fact that it was a small company. At the time, the company had approximately 55 employees and I made number four in the Nebraska City office.”

What do you like most about JEO?


“JEO has a culture that is special and hard to put into words; and the beliefs, drive, and communication they have for their employees is something special.”


“Chuck Swanson, God bless his soul, was such an incredible and talented engineer. He taught me too much to mention, but most importantly, he taught me the ins and outs of the road program. Everyone liked Chuck, and he brought joy to the office and those around him. He will always hold a special place in my heart.”

What was your first day at JEO like?

“I remember being scared. But I knew, when I walked in those doors, I would retire at JEO! The people that work here make it a fun place to be.”

What advice do you have for someone just starting their career at JEO?

“Work hard, don’t take advantage of JEO’s amazing culture, and JEO will reward you immensely”

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JEO would like to thank Roxie for her 25 years of service and wish her many more years of success and happiness with JEO. Her enthusiastic personality is contagious and contributes to the atmosphere of our Nebraska City office.


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