The Lincoln office gives back

On April 10, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank’s bloodmobile visited JEO’s Lincoln office. During the blood drive, 13 people donated, with seven of them being first time donors to the Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB). A few non-JEO employees donated, too. This was JEO’s first blood drive, but the organizers hope it becomes a regular event.

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The idea for JEO to host a blood drive came out of a casual conversation between two coworkers, Shelley Schulte and Sarah Korf. During a mid-day walk, the two happened to pass by the NCBB bloodmobile. As a regular blood donor, Shelley wondered what it would take to get the bloodmobile to visit the JEO office, particularly since the closing of NCBB’s downtown location made it harder for people working in the downtown area to continue donating blood.

With blood transfusions saving the lives of two people who are near and dear to her, Shelley was intent on making this idea a reality.

Therefore, the next time Shelley donated blood, which happened to be on the bloodmobile during one of its regular stops in the downtown area, she asked how she could bring the bloodmobile to JEO. The NCBB gave her the information she needed, and the coordination of a JEO blood drive began.

While Shelley’s passion moved the blood drive idea forward, Sarah’s support and logistical assistance helped bring the NCBB bloodmobile to JEO’s Lincoln office.

During the three-hour blood drive, NCBB collected about 13 pints of blood. As one pint of blood can save up to three lives, JEO’s small yet significant blood drive helped save up to 39 lives.

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JEO believes in giving back to the communities our employees work and live in, and is both pleased and thankful for the effort Shelley and Sarah put forth to organize the blood drive.

“These two, along with all the employees who donated blood, exemplify the quality people who make up the JEO family.

To find out where you can donate blood or learn how you can bring the bloodmobile to your organization, contact the Nebraska Community Blood Bank or your local American Red Cross.

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