Twas a Year to Remember

JEO Consulting Group Inc. recently celebrated the holiday season with its annual JEO Holiday Party. On Saturday January 18, 2014, everyone got together for a night of good food, fun, and fellowship at the Double Tree by Hilton in Downtown Omaha. The night kicked off with a social hour, during which employees were able to catch up with coworkers from the various offices while sharing some laughs and stories. Dinner followed the social hour, and then the party continued on to the real fun.Ron Bottorff and Shirley

First, much deserved recognition was given to select JEO employees for honored years within the company. It is important to recognize these accomplishments, not only for each individual, but for the company as well. Seeing and knowing who has continued to help our firm grow over the years is a special way to appreciate and say thank you to each of those with milestone year markers.

Another award was also presented at the party: Employee of the Year. Each quarter, JEO employees name one person Employee of the Quarter, which is a big accomplishment for all of those who receive the award. During the annual holiday party, the four individuals named Employees of the Quarter are recognized again and one is picked, at random, to be Employee of the Year. Matt Kalin, Zach Schulz, Justin Vogel, and Cindy Mainquist were the 2013 Employees of the Quarter. Cindy Mainquist won Employee of the Year, and she was presented with a choice trip to one of a variety of locations.

Next, several JEO employees decided to use their ‘associate earnings’ by giving back to fellow employees. Roxie Barker and Evelyn Jansa placed $25 gift cards under four lucky chairs prior to the nights events, and Dale Brambila gave away eight calendars from the Shriners, an organization he is both active in and very passionate about. Shriner calendars are “cash calendars,” in that calendar owners have a chance to win money every day of 2014.

These employees truly exemplify JEO’s culture and commitment to giving back.

With all of the official awards and recognition given to deserving individuals, it was then time  for a JEO tradition…Terry O’Brien’s famous Quarter Game. This game has been played for as long as many employees can remember, and this year was no different. The Quarter Game is a tradition that will continue for years to come.

Dan Fricke and Elli HavelkaFinally, employees enjoyed the rest of the evening with dueling pianos entertainment by 176 Keys Fun Pianos. The dueling pianists really got a variety of people involved, with some being more willing to participate and make fun of themselves than others.

At the end of the night, the 160 party attendees were able enjoy good friends and fun together outside of the office. After yet another great holiday season and as the employees and company look forward to 2014, JEO wishes everyone a very happy new year.

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