A Lifesaving Situation

Dale Brambila CPR Award

When Dale Brambila decided to get CPR certified through Southeast Community College in 2009, he did so in an effort to prepare himself for any unforeseen circumstances that might arise as his granddaughter stays with his wife and him during the summertime. He also realized these skills would be useful in other areas such as his love of traveling and riding motorcycles with friends, his involvement in the Shrine organization, as well as doing what he could to become a leader at JEO in the case of an emergency.

After this initial CPR certificate expired, Dale decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get recertified through a JEO training session in 2011. He wanted to make sure he was ready for any situation that could occur where his lifesaving actions were needed.

On October 27th, 2012, Dale Brambila found himself in a situation which required his CPR skills to help a man having a heart attack. Dale, who just happened to be at the scene during this man’s most critical moment, wasted no time in using the lifesaving CPR skills he had previously attained, to help until proper medical aid arrived to take over. His immediate action saved this man’s life. Dale’s genuine care for people in need truly shined through on this day. When asked about how this experience has affected his life, Dale said,

“To know that I helped give this man a few more years with his family, and his family a few more years with him, is very personally satisfying. Having grandchildren and helping them learn to be good people through your life’s experience is very important.”

Dale was presented the “Citizen Life Saving Award” during the 2013 Lincoln Police Academy graduation ceremony, along with another citizen who assisted Dale in saving the man’s life. It wasn’t until another JEO employee saw the award on Dale’s desk and asked him about it that JEO learned of Dale’s heroic act. CEO Rob Brigham was more than impressed with Dale’s actions and demeanor surrounding this situation. He said, “The fact that Dale saved a life is amazing, but the fact that he never would have shared this story because of his humble attitude truly shows the type of character that Dale Brambila possesses. He is a great man.”

Dale’s story is just one example of the ways that JEO employees have worked on developing themselves both personally and professionally through JEO’s training and mentoring, and the impact it truly can have on multiple lives. His advice to others considering becoming CPR certified is,

“Go into it knowing someday you will be in a similar situation, and that fast action needs to be taken.  Don’t wait for someone else to come forward, it may be too late. Even just a little bit of help can make a huge difference.”
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