Employee Appreciation Takes on a New Meaning

Dave Peterson and Ben ProtzmanEmployee Appreciation is about awarding the hard work and effort put forth by employees. CEO Rob Brigham knows what that means, and wanted to show appreciation in a unique way.

In deciding how to show JEO employees how much they are appreciated, Rob wanted to do something that showed appreciation for them while encouraging everyone to pass on their appreciation for others.

“One of the strongest parts of the JEO culture is family, which includes both the JEO family and each individual’s family.”

He decided that, instead of throwing a Friday lunch for JEO employees or giving out some sort of apparel, he would give each employee $25 and ask them to spend the money on their family.

The interpretation of the word “family” is a big part of how this appreciation movement worked. Since JEO’s culture is strongly centered around family, the employees were asked to consider who their family is. They could either spend the money on their immediate family, or JEO family, in whatever way they chose.

Michael Bash and His Brother

The flexibility and opportunity to do what worked best for JEO employees during this appreciation effort, mirrors the way that JEO operates at its best.

With no set rules on how to spend their money, JEO employees had the freedom to spend as they wished on their family members, using their own creative ideas and actions.

The only stipulation that the $25 came with, was that each employee had to send in a picture of how they spent their money, and the results were astounding. From Dave Petersen giving his money to Benjamin Protzman (Roger Protzman’s son) for his Air Force Academy essentials, to Mike Gilligan donating to his nephew’s school car wash, we proudly watched as employees started giving to their family without expecting anything in return. Nothing could make JEO more proud than seeing all of the love and appreciation for family shown by our own JEO members.

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