Thoughts After 40 Years

Ron Bottorff After celebrating 40 years of service with JEO Consulting Group, Inc., we asked Lincoln’s Branch Manager, Ron Bottorff, PE, to take a look back and reflect on some of the most important and memorable moments of the years that he has spent with the firm. These are Ron’s thoughts:

When did you decide to become an Engineer?
“At the age of about 14, my teacher asked “What do you want to be when you grow up to be a big boy?” – (or something like that.)  When I said I wanted to be an auto mechanic, she said she thought that I had the ability to be an engineer and suggested that I consider engineering as a career.  Since I was raised on a farm and was fond of working outside, I thought Civil Engineering would be something I’d like since it involves many types of “outside” projects.  After that brief discussion, I decided that I would be a Civil Engineer and I never looked back.”

Some Fond Memories at JEO?

“There are far too many memories to list them, but I believe that every one of my fondest memories involves another JEO employee.”

“Whether it was working with someone at JEO to complete a project or just interacting with someone in the office or a social setting, memories were made.  I have always enjoyed coming to work, because I knew I was going to be with people I wanted to be around.”

What are some of the projects you have worked on that are important?
“I view the most important projects in my career as the projects that resulted in a significant positive impact in people’s lives, no matter the size, scope or public prominence of the project.  These projects include complete sewer and water systems for several communities, recreation and flood control dams, projects to provide safe drinking water, wastewater treatment facilities, projects to repair infrastructure damage that was caused by natural disasters, and numerous other infrastructure improvement projects.”

Mentors:Ron golfing
“I have to give enormous credit to my mentors for helping me to develop my skills and understanding of project design and management. Without them, I would not have been able to meet the needs of the hundreds of clients that I have served over the years.

“Now I strive to help others in developing their skills, so they can continue to provide projects that will improve the lives of the people they are serving.”

JEO employees and staff would like to thank Ron for his service and wish him many more years of success and happiness with JEO. He has shared wisdom, knowledge and experience that cannot be surpassed. We are fortunate to have hard working, dedicated employees like Ron throughout each office.

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