JEO is Honored

JEO Consulting Group has a history of taking innovative approaches to solving problems for their clients.  The Aquarius Wastewater Treatment Facility designed for the City of Wayne, Nebraska, is a great example of JEO instituting state-of-the-art technology in a groundbreaking fashion.  The willingness to think outside the box on this project, and utilizing treatment technology not previously used at this scale in the United States, has garnered recognition from the engineering industry.Lift Station 2b2

JEO recently submitted the Aquarius Wastewater Treatment Facility project to the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for consideration for their annual Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) competition in the category of Water/Wastewater.  The project was selected as the statewide winner of the Water/Wastewater category, making it eligible for the national award in the same category.  In addition, the Nebraska Chapter of the ACEC selected the project as one of three overall runners up, presenting the team with the Honors Award.  The award was received by JEO and the City of Wayne on February 19th at the EEA Banquet in Omaha, Nebraska.

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JEO has been extremely honored to gain recognition from peers in reference to their innovative and unique project abilities. The Water and Wastewater Department members, along with all of JEO’s other departments whose efforts were combined to make this specific project such a success, are excited to be a part of such a great program which gives insight into what the engineering world is really about.

“The competition is an important way to highlight the services engineers provide to our society during E-week.”

Through this competition, firms have been able to share some unique things with the public that engineers have been able to do, which the public may not realize, and they’ve been doing this for many years. As a consulting firm whose priority is to help solve problems for their clients, JEO is proud to share their expertise and knowledge with the entire community of engineering, for the good of our society and its people. They’ve been given the chance to do this through recognition in the EEA competition.

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