Eric Hanson Shows Off His Mascot Skills

Part of the mission at JEO Consulting Group, Inc. is for our employees to be good stewards of our communities through volunteer work and giving back. Eric Hanson, an employee in the South Sioux City office, seems to have a good handle on the true meaning of giving back. You just might be able to ask those who attended the Goodwill Camp Winterfest Fundraiser in South Sioux City on February 2nd.


Eric, being a wonderful sport, dressed up as the City’s mascot, the South Sioux City Cardinal, for a fun day of supporting and raising funds for Camp Goodwill which provides week long camps to children ages 8 to 12 years during the summer. The camp integrates both mainstream and disabled children, and is held at Crystal Lake near South Sioux City, Nebraska.

The fundraiser included a silent auction, ice bowling, cake walk, food, games and plenty of other fun activities. As their first annual fundraiser, Camp Goodwill hopes to continue the Winterfest fundraiser for years to come, and to get more parents, children, and leaders of the Siouxland area interested in what Camp Goodwill is all about.

“Eric wasn’t only a mascot for South Sioux City, but in helping out with this fundraiser, Eric served as JEO’s mascot for service to our communities.”

Eric Hanson is just one perfect example of how JEO’s employees are giving back and helping communities in a multitude of ways. His volunteer efforts are not going unnoticed by JEO, nor the City of South Sioux City. We would also like to thank the City of South Sioux City for granting Eric the use of the Cardinal outfit so he could showcase his true colors as the mascot for such a great cause.

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